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Perform in Karthika-Masam to over come all the Obstacles in Life and Get All Success
Homa Is to be Performed on Dec 09th 2015  
About Karthika Masam Audio by Mulugu Siddanthi
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$ 332.05
(Including Shipping Charges)
About Karthika Masam Audio by Mulugu Siddanthi
Homa is going to be Performed on Dec 09th -2015
$ 332.05
(Including Shipping Charges)

Karhika Masam is the month of sanctity and holiness. During this month the Sun enters into the sign of Scorpio as per Solar and Libra as per Lunar either of which had same source of origin so these are under the influence of these sacred 6 stars in the cosmos which would generate a serene, sacred and pure environment on the earth which would give the disciples a splendid opportunity to raise ones consciousness indulged in the gross matter to the level of kumara pure untouched by any other human nature. According to Hindus, pujas, rituals, other auspicious and prosperous celebrations during Karthika Month give them great pleasure and happiness in life because this is the most favorite month for both of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. We'll receive virtuous deeds on performing homas, poojas etc in particularly period of Karthika Masam. It fetches good result for us on performing Maha Pashupatha Homam in Karthika Masam at Srisailam. It is very good opportunity for viewers to attend, perform and make programme (Homa) successful and get divine blessings for Lord Shiva to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Maha Pashupatha Homam is performed to increase positive influence and neutralize the negative influence, and also to give you enlightenment with all the pleasures in the world. Mahapashupatha Homam Hitches free life, gives Relief from unwanted problems and relationship issues. Mahapashupatha Homam creates Unity and cordial atmosphere at your work place and home.

This Programme (Maha Pashu Patha Homam) is arranged to set good track and to eradicate blur in life.


All Above Mentioned details Provided By Mulugu Rama Lingeshwara Siddhanthi.

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