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Rahu-Ketu Transit Effects and Remedies
Parimala Juvvadi and Parimala Gandham
Parimala Gandham is elite liquid. Goddess Mahalakshmi blessings can be achieved. Loans will be repaid, health problems will be vanished, children will be improved. Pour one drop of liquid on a small peice of cloth and worn to deity. It is used in all deities pooja and marriages by mixing some drops of this liquid in akshitas.
(Parimala Juvvadi) : It is frangrance powder, it is used in Hindu Traditional poojas. It can be mixed with kumkum or turmeric. It is beloved by every deity. Kunkumarchana and Abhishekam can be performed with Juvvadi powder. By performing pooja with this mixture god and goddess blessings will acquired.
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Ashtamulika Oil
Ashta Mulika Oil is used for lightning Diya's before deities and it is best for lightning. This oil is prepared by mixiture of lifelong herbs with Lakshmi Tamara seeds, kasturi benda, shiva maredu, vishnu maredu, lakshmi maredu etc purified essence tree seeds. It is prepared dring good day, tithi, nakshatra, week and yogam. It is the pleasing oil to all deities. By lightning with this oil will be blessed with wealth, good health. This is anti radiation oil.
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Sampurna Sri Maha Laxmi Dhana yanthram
Keeping this Yanthra at Your Pooja Room Gives you free from all Financial difficulties . And Your Family wiil be Free from all Financial Crisis and Get Relieve From all your Debts Get Good Results ,Success by devoting this yanthra on Every Friday with Aaraavali Kumkum.
  Benefits of Dhan Laxmi Yantras  
  1. Dominance and Power over your enemies
2. Removing ill effect of vastu faults of your existing home ,office
3. Useful in Love Attraction of opposite sex
4. Removes Negative Effect, Black Magic Powers.
5. Open the doors of your destiny
6. Gives you name and fame
7. Bring Success in your business
8. Improves Wealth and Prosperity 9. Removes Negative effect of your planet
For More Details of this Yantra
Kumkumalu is a powder used for social and religious markings in Hinduism.It is a sign of purity.Kumkum is most often applied by Hindus to the forehead. The reason for this particular location has to do with the ancient Hindu belief that “the human body is divided into seven vortices of energy, called chakras, beginning at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head.
The sixth chakra, also known as the third eye, is centered in the forehead directly between the eyebrows and is believed to be the channel through which humankind opens spiritually to the Divine. The Kukumas will be prepared at our point .we will use pure ayurvedic ingredients while Preparing.
The following Kumkumas available at our store :
  • Naga Sindhuram
  • Aravali Kumkum
  • Saraswathi Kumkum
  • Siddhagandham
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Rupulu - Kankanalu

we will offer rupulu according to your astro report .we have different Rupulu like  Indrani Rupu, Kalabhavirava Rupu etc .By wearing our product  your life will be happy .Calm, peace  percent will be high. we have a great positive feedback from our customers .The problems  will be  thrown away .Your life will study and consistent .


The Following Rupulu available at our Store :

  • Indrani Rupu
  • Kalabhavirava Rupu
  • Medha Dakshinaamurthi Rupu
  • Sakti Kankanam
  • Paasupata kankanam
  • Sowra Kankanam
  • Kubera Kankanam
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Yantra  is the Sanskrit word for "Magical instrument" .One usage popular in the west is as symbols or geometric figures. Traditionally such symbols are used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, enacting and/or concentrating on a yantra is held to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. Siddanthi garu Prepare  Yantralu  by offering great pooja. You will Experience Positive Result with our product.


The important Yantras available at our store follows below:

  • Sri Mahalaxmi Yantramu
  • Sri Hanuman Yantramu
  • Sri Matsya Yantramu
  • Sri Naraghosha Yantramu
  • Swarnakarshana Bhairava Yantramu
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    All Variety of Cottoon Wicks (Deeparadhana Vattulu)
    Cotton is used to make cotton wicks while lighting the lamp (Nandadeep, Niranjan or any other) and is thus, the most integral part of the daily or any other festive Pooja. Another usage of this packet of cotton is as a symbolic form of clothing. When the ritualistic "Abhishek" or 'Snana' of the deity is performed, a packet of cotton is offered as a symbol of clothing.
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