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Panchangam 2019 - 2020
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Yearly Rasi Phalalu
Subhatithi Panchangam
Subhatithi Pedda (BIG) Panchangam
Rahu-Ketu Transit Effects and Remedies
SL.NO Constituencies Party Name SL.NO Constituencies Party Name
1 Narasanna Peta Y.S.R. C.P 10 Tirupati Y.S.R. C.P
2 PayakaRao Peta Y.S.R. C.P 11 Railway Koduru Y.S.R. C.P
3 Rama ChandraPuram Congress 12 Rayachoti Y.S.R. C.P
4 Polavaram Y.S.R. C.P 13 Rajam Peta Y.S.R. C.P
5 NarsaPuram Congress 14 Ananthapuram Y.S.R. C.P
6 Prattipadu Y.S.R. C.P 15 Rayadurgam Y.S.R. C.P
7 Macharla Y.S.R. C.P 16 Emmiganuru Y.S.R. C.P
8 Ongole Y.S.R. C.P 17 Allagadda Y.S.R. C.P
9 Udayagiri Y.S.R. C.P 18 Parakala TRS
Lok Sabha seat in Andhra Pradesh - Nellore
1 Nellore - LOK SABHA Y.S.R. C.P
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