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Predictions Proved in the year 2013
» Financial system in America for this year is not indicated progress this year too. More problems will creep up.
» Aggressive stage of Telangaana agitation- formation of seperate Telangaana state- bifurcation of state - sure indications are predicted.
» Bad days for congress party was predicted long back. The same situations will continue.
» The Gujarath CM - Sri Narendra Modi - Bright future is indicated. ( Care should be taken on health aspects).
» Still danger is indicated for Indoneshia and Sumitra Islands.
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Rudrakshalu Homas
Ekamukhi Rudraksha
Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the resemblance of Lord Shiva. Ek mukhi (Eka mukhi / One Mukhi Rudraksha) is a Wonder of Nature. Ek mukhi Rudrksha ...
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Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha
Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha signifying Lord Ardnarishwer i.e. half Lord Shiva and half Goddess Parvati. The ruling planet of Two Mukhi Rudraksha is Moon....
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Tri Mukhi Rudraksha
Three Mukhi Rudraksha corresponds to the planet Mars and all the properties defined by it. This Rudraksha bead enhances the physical stamina...
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Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam
Lakshmi Ganesha Homam will curb all the impediments that come on your way of success. This powerful Homam will bring in luck and prosperity for you...
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Runa Vemochana Ganapathi Homam
'Runa Vimochana Ganapathy Homam' is for good health and for clearing one's debts. By performing this homam you can acquire bright results...
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Rudra Pashupatha Homam
Rudra Pashupatha Homam is used to increase theirpositive influence and neutralize the negative influence, and also to give you enlightenment with all the pleasures in the world...
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