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Panchangam 2024 - 25

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Late Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasada Siddanthi - True Predictions:

Late Mulugu Ramalingeshwara Vara Prasad world famous astrologer delivering his predictions from past 25 years. He filtered every aspect in Astrology.

His Methods and calculations are totally perfect .100’s of predictions executed by Mulugu garu came true. From Past 15 years his predictions ruling on the Telugu News paper Vaartha.

Proven Prediction - T20 World Cup Team India down and out after humiliating defeat against England -Latest-News
Proven Prediction - IAudio-Call-Leaked-Audio-Leak-Latest-News
Proven Prediction - India scripts history as ISRO successfully launches 36 OneWeb broadband satellites in its heaviest LVM3-M2 rocket
Proven Prediction - India romp to seventh Women's Asia Cup title with easy win over Sri Lanka
Proven Prediction - New GST regime on dairy products will hit
Proven Prediction - Virat Kohli TROLLED again after yet another failure
Proven Prediction - Vexed with the daily harassment of their 23-year-old alcoholic son
Proven Prediction - Why is single-use plastic being banned in India from July 1st
Proven Prediction - Visa application process for Indian students to be simplified: US embassy
Proven Prediction - The Domestic Cylinder Price increased Again
Proven Prediction - Telangana may hike bus fares, electricity charges
Proven Prediction - N warns Sri Lanka could face full-blown humanitarian emergency
Proven Prediction - Record cooking oil prices are latest threat to surging food inflation
Proven Prediction - What should Indian students stuck in Ukraine - Proven Prediction
Proven Prediction - Assembly 5 states including UP, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand, goa, from Feb 10 Results on March 10
Proven Prediction - Vegetable prices continue to skyrocket soar across- Proven Prediction