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A strange women craze house dooms
Religion is Important - Jupiter Planet
Rattle snake bite’s also will live
Adventure is not good every time
Swapana Varahi - స్వప్న వారాహి
Surprise Marriages
Proudness is Disservice to Saturn Planet
Proudness is Disservice to Saturn Planet
Do demons attack when Dragon's Tail planet, Mandhi and Arthraprahara sub planets mingle?
If the planetary positions are not good do mother kills daughter?
Napunsaka Yogam
Results when Mercury maharthasha and Virgo rashi in tropical climate?
By sight did it effect evil eye?
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Pitadipati Jayendra Saraswathi Astrology by Mulugu Siddanthi?
When shukra in miserable and mahardhasha wull suspect wife behaviour?
Do in mecury mahardasha skin diseases fall?
Do guru planet gives Hypocritical Beadsman (sanyasi) yoga?
Is luck depends on planetary position ?
Do saturn gives Acquitas
How many funerals are there? Which planet decides funeral?
In venusmoudyami what are forbidden?
What are the alternate rituals after bride delivery?
If Planet effects are severe ?
What are Good and bad effects depending on planatary positions?
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Daily Panchangam