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respected guruji,
I am a follower of astrological aspects and its impacts. I don't know the basic calculations of the astrology, but to some extent I can understand the positions and can analyse.
I just want to say that I am saluting you for the divine interest you created in the astrology and giving predictions unbiased.
Really, I bow my head and salute..
Srinivasa Murthy (Kurnool)
Date : 4-08-2013
very very great pandit..... meeru cheppinattu telangana vachhindi... so great mulugu garu hatof to u......
Veggalam Raam
August 2013
Guruvu Garu Munduga Meeku Namaskaramulu...Meru cheppina chala varaku Jarugutunnai Kruthagnathalu.Nenu Mee Raasi Phalalni Chala Years nundi Follow avtunnanu......
Uma Taraka Nagendra Masabattula
srikakulam---June 2013
Guruvu garu Namaskaaram, meeru cheppina vidhanga Gujarat mukya manthri Narendra modi grahasthithi bagundihi .2013-2014 Gantala Panchagam lo meeru raasina vidhangha BJP President annikka ayyaadu.mari okka saree jyotheeshya shasthram Goppathanam rujuvayindhi .
Guruvu garu Namaskaram, meeru mundugane cheppina vidanga karnataka lo sumpoorna majority tho congress party vijaya kethanam egaraveyadam jarigindi.Eppatiki elagay meeru mari enno parishodhanalu, jyotheeshya shasthram pai marintha namakkam prajalaku kaligela undistharane koruthu meeku mari okkka sare shubhaakankshalu theluputhu..
M.Hemanth Kumar - May-2013
guruji garu miru chala baga rashi palalu cheptaru.100%good and best, thanks guruji..
Manjunath Manju (India)
- April 2013
The predictions for 2012 is correct and surely believable...
- Mar 2013
sir u r grt namaste(obama empica nu munduganay telipina mee ku abhinandanalu)..
Kanmanthareddy Upender Reddy (India)
- November 2012
Thank you for sending me the astrology report within 15 days, as promised. I am very pleased with the quality of the report- the analysis is clear, well-explained and it offers me bright hopes for the future. The suggested remedies are also doable and practical. I must let you know that after trying a few other astrology websites, I unreservedly find yours the best, both in terms of pricing and quality of service. I will be purchasing yantras from you soon. Thanks and regards, ..
Mrs. Madhu Priya (USA)
- Sep 2012
The Astrological reading was excellent, and I appreciated the thoroughness of it. Also, I appreciated the honesty of Mulugu website -- it is genuine, like it said, Thanks!..
Hari (Manchester UK)
- jan 2012
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